Our History

This club is probably the oldest licensed  in the  British Isle.  It was originally an agricultural barn with cottage attached, owned by the Marquis of the Ragley estate which included a very large area of south Warwickshire including Binton village.

The village was tenanted by families, whose men folk mostly worked for the Ragley estate, and in their leisure time gardened allotment plots.  The Marquis allowed such workers to use the barn as a meeting place. Women and boys under 16 years were excluded.

Eventually a committee was formed by the men, and on May 7th 1890 a lease was granted by the marquis at £20.00 per annum, for the use of the barn as a clubroom, together with 9 acres of allotment gardens. 

Eventually the Ragley estate sold the properties in binton, and in December 1955  the clubroom, cottage and 9 acres of allotments were  bought for £750.00.

Today the club, which originally drew members from Binton, Temple Grafton,Ardens Grafton and Luddington all part of the Ragley Estate, has members from a very wide area.